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About Troian

Best known for her role in Pretty Little Liars, Troian Bellisario is a rising star, fresh & bold, just like the scent we created for her. A champion of people in need, Troian has a special relationship with the charity Together We Rise, an organization that supports foster care families.

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Star Anise & Palmarosa

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Talking with Troian

What inspired the Star Anise & Palmarosa scent?
I chose the scent because Star Anise is such a beautiful smell that I rarely come across in perfumes. Whenever I do smell it, I remember the person wearing it distinctly. It takes a confidence to wear Star Anise, and that bold forward energy mixed with the Palmarosa, which is light and floral, and the fir, which is earthy and grounded, create an unforgettable scent.

Why is Together We Rise important to you?
One of my best friends made the incredible decision to be a foster parent, and watching her take this step in her life was such an inspiration to me.  She introduced me to Together We Rise and the work that they are doing and how they transform the lives of foster youth across the nation, is undeniably beautiful. I wanted to help and support in any way I could.

What drew you to Humble?
I love Humble because their product is the intersection of so many things that mean so much to me. Humble is a small brand, run by creative, passionate folks who care deeply about clean ingredients, simple & effective products, and the power of giving back. They make deodorant that smells beautiful (I’m a scent freak) and contains ingredients that don’t harm animals or You!

50% of profits benefit

Together We Rise

Working to change the way youth experience the foster care system in America, Together We Rise connects kids in foster care with resources and programs that remind them they are seen and they matter.

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